Listen to the Virtual Greetings: What Are You Most Looking Forward to Doing When the Semester Starts?

기사승인 [346호] 2020.06.01  


Do Won-jun

Department of Business Administration 20

As I am a freshman, the COVID-19 outbreak really smashed my excitement of going to school this spring. I haven’t really had any experience that normal university students would already have had. So, I am basically looking forward to doing everything. I want to be part of the offline classes and meet people from my department in person. I’d like to make new friends and go out on blind dates with some of them. Joining a school club also seems exciting. Like I said though, I’m looking forward to every little part of school life. I even want to experience studying all night at the school library. I hope I can experience all this as soon as possible and enjoy the university life I had fantasized.


Kim Ga-young

Department of Theater and Film 19

I am currently editing a short film clip for my portfolio. It will probably take longer than I had expected so I think I’ll be working on this for a while. If COVID-19 wraps up and everything becomes as it was before, I want to order takeouts with my friends at the editorial room. Last semester my friends and I would order takeouts and eat them together while chatting about the most meaningless topics. I miss every minute of this: ordering snacks with my colleagues and enjoying time with them. I suppose they’re all busy editing clips too, so I’d like to spend the night with my friends at the editorial room. We’ll chat and work the whole night with an endless party of snacks!


Muhamad Shakir

Department of Mechanical Engineering 18

The first thing I want to do when COVID-19 ends is to play football with my friends. We used to play together once a week. However, as COVID-19 became a pandemic, we couldn’t do that because all outside activities were prohibited by the government. Playing football is one of my favorite leisure activities, and I also get an allowance since I play for the Malaysian Team in Seoul. I miss the moments of playing football together and hopefully, I can once again continue these moments after COVID-19 ends. I also want to find a part time job that doesn’t overlap with my class time and daily schedule. I used to work part-time as a travel guide for Malaysians who come to Korea. After COVID-19, tourism activities plummeted so I now have to find a new part time job. I also want to travel many different states around Korea with my friends. I hope everything goes as planned!


Kim Jin-sung

College of Medicine 19

While I was ‘staying at home’, I really missed my friends from my department. I live quite far from school, so it was difficult enough to meet even one of my friends casually. Gathering in large groups was prohibited by the department so I couldn’t meet my friends in large groups either. After COVID-19 settles down, I personally want to go on an MT with people from my department. Partying all night is definitely what I missed during the long holiday. We couldn’t meet each other for a long time, so going on a trip with them would be a great opportunity to have fun and get updated about what each of us have been up to.

Lee Hyein

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