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- Share Your Playlist on Your Way to School

Lee Jun-ho, Department of Korean Language Education 16

I usually listen to the song, ‘Always Awake’ by Beenzino. The lyrics refresh me at the start of every morning. It is about waking up and doing something productive while others are sleeping. Since there is nothing negative in the lyrics, I believe anyone can enjoy this song without feeling any repulsion. By the way, I have listened to this song for a while, including my gap year for an entrance exam, and it was helpful when refreshing my mind. I would like to recommend this to fellow HYU students as their new-semesterstarting song.

Chae Jung-wan, School of Business 16

‘Everything’ by the Black Skirts is my favorite song these days. The calm melody and the singers’ voices are quite attractive to listen to, so I frequently enjoy this song on the subway or while walking. ‘Everything’ tells the story of lovers who say, “You are my everything”. Even though, I prefer its melody to the lyrics. I think readers of the Hanyang Journal can appreciate this song as a sweet back to school soundtrack for the upcoming spring.

Kim Seo-yeon, Department of Theater and Film 16

As a student majoring in theater and film, I usually enjoy musical soundtracks a lot. However, when going to school, I try to listen to upbeat and positive music to make my trip exciting. Nowadays, ‘Your Shampoo Scent in the Flowers’ by Jang Beom-june, is what I listen to most often. The melody is so vivid and catchy that it gives me a lot of energy even when going up the 88 stairs. Of course, this song will remain in my playlist even after the spring semester begins.

Kim Tae-wan, School of Business 15

I recently prefer to listen to pop songs. Among them, ‘Rockabye’ by Clean Bandit is the one that I like the most. I started to like this song because of its rhythmic beat. But after finding the meaning of its lyrics, I came to love this song even more. ‘Rockabye’ is about single mums. In the beginning, there is a line, “For all the single mums out there going through frustration”, and the overall content of the song is supportive of single mums. Even though I liked its uplifting melody at first, the lyrics impressed me deeply and kept me listening. I hope HYU students enjoy ‘Rockabye’ one day. I truly recommend it.








Lee Hyun-jeong

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