Tattooist ʻLegalizationʼ Movement

기사승인 [345호] 2020.03.03  


Many have mixed opinions when it comes to the art of tattoos; can they be considered art in the first place? The New Form of Art exhibition displays a completely different vision of tattoos. The purpose of the exhibition is to trigger the movement of the legalization of tattoos in Korea. The act of tattooing is not acknowledged as formal art and is currently banned in Korea. Therefore, many different tattoo artists have gathered together to convey that tattoos are simply a way for them to express their aesthetic sense. Throughout the exhibition, the tattoo artists use different art techniques, such as painting, sculpturing, or even pictures of their designing to show that tattoos are not much different from other types of art that we are familiar with. These novel pieces of work help the audience approach them easily and illustrate the actual value of tattoos. The exhibition is divided into sections where each tattoo artist expresses their own artistic ideology through different art pieces. There are also short films between exhibitions so that the audience can easily understand the ultimate purpose of the show. Each tattooist expresses their work very uniquely, which allows the exhibition to depict a wide array of colors and atmospheres. Throughout the exhibition, the audience is able to experience the suffering that Korean tattooists are facing today in their fight to legalize the act of tattooing.

Price: 12,000 won for adults, 9,000 won for teenagers (Age 13-19) and university students, 6,000 won for children (Age 7-12)

Opening Hours: 11:00-20:00 from  Monday to Sunday (Until April 8)

Location: Insa-dong gil 7, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Lee Hye-in ihyein503@hanyang

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