HYU branD-Design Contest : Promoting HYU’s Brand Value

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Last December, Hanyang University (HYU)’s Media Strategy Center and Design Management Center collaboratively held HYU branD-Design Contest to encourage Hanyang students to participate in creating HYU’s brand designs that well represent the unique value that only HYU retains. The results of the contest have come out during this January which brought many students together to have expectations on the new brand design of HYU.

Won Chang-hee, a Deputy General Manager of Media Strategy Center explained the HYU branD-Design as an expression of revitalizing the university’s image, value and originality through the unique ideas of Hanyang students. He further explained “Many people asked us if the title of the contest is a typo. However, we actually intended it to make people have a second look at the name of the contest to encourage their interest.” The participants submitted their design works including logos, illustrations, posters, typographies, cartoons, and pictures from 2019, December 20 to 2019, December 29. There were many students and faculty members who participated in the contest; the 9 winners were all announced to be students from both Seoul Campus and ERICA Campus. The winning works are planned to be utilized in various ways for promoting

HYU’s brand value by going through active communication between the students who won the contest and the Design Management Center. The criteria for evaluating design works were the following: symbolization, utilization, and aesthetic impression. According to Won, the participants were advised to include either the quote of “I’m H” or “H with you” which represents the symbolization of proudness of Hanyang students as a constituent member of HYU and being the university that supports the society and local communities. He also added that “Although there is no determined plan of throwing the second HYU brandD-Design Contest, the Media Strategy Center would like to try various means to encourage Hanyang students’ talents to be used to create HYU’s brand value in the future.”

Seo Ji-an

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