A Significant Step Toward a ‘Plastic-Free’ Campus

기사승인 [343호] 2019.09.02  


On June 3, Hanyang University (HYU) and Korea Green Foundation (KGF) signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) under which cooperative pursuit of ‘plastic-free campus’ was promised. According to the MOU, students and employees of HYU will minimize the use of disposable products and install tumbler washing stations across the campus with the aim of encouraging tumbler use. The MOU also promises to designate the 17th of every month as ‘Green Day’ where campaigns for environmental protection will be proceeded. Among the campaigns discussed are delivering notebooks made out of reusable paper to children in third-world countries and requesting commercial facilities within HYU for cooperation on issuing e-receipts. In addition to these moves, HYU will introduce the course titled ‘Climate Change and Impact Business’ in the beginning of the second semester. Also, HYU will periodically hold a symposium on local community and global environment in cooperation with KGF. Kim Eun-jung, Deputy General Manager of the HYU Social Innovation Center, asserted that recycling school banners by making eco-bags out of them as well as facilitating the use of tumbler washing stations that are currently installed in three locations around the campus are a few of the many ideas being brainstormed and currently put into effect. “For this long-term project to yield any notable result, sustainable attention and support from all members of HYU is needed. Everyone’s commitment to the realization of a ‘Plastic-Free campus’ is indeed as the most important thing,” she highlighted.

Park Su-hyun

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