Kiss: Love Moments

기사승인 [343호] 2019.09.02  


A kiss is the most universal way of confirming one’s love to another. Feel the happiness, flutter of the heart, and sadness along with other emotions a kiss can bring. Such spirits are portrayed through paintings, videos, and sculptures at the contemporary art exhibition Kiss: Love Moments. Encompassing all the merits of modern art, this exhibition stimulates sight, sound, and touch in a variety of ways. From heart-shaped beanbag chairs to sit in, art videos to enjoy in a dark room, to eye-popping and in-your-face pieces of vibrant colors and symbols of love, you can experience all forms of love whether soft or fierce. The exhibit is dimly lit overall, so it feels as if you are walking through a dream filled with love and warmth. There are many pieces where you can interact and assimilate with the artwork, especially the room of mirrors and the room filled with lip-shaped stickers where you can add to the wall yourself. The exhibition takes up two floors and is distinguished into sections by walls. In every section, visitors can take photos next to the art pieces and achieve that aesthetic, Instagram-worthy shot. Enjoy the beauty of a kiss and the exhibition of love and art in the most contemporary way possible at Kiss: Love Moments.

Price: 15,000 won for adults, 12,000 won for teenagers, 10,000 won for elementary school students.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 - 19:00 (Tickets are sold only until 18:00), closed on Monday.

Location: K Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul.


Sohn Yun-seo

<저작권자 © 한양저널 무단전재 및 재배포금지>




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