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- Where do you prefer to study at Hanyang University?

▲ HJ Yu Ye-jin

Megan Rojas
Department of Life Science 19

I prefer to study in this café with my friends because I cannot concentrate in a completely quiet environment. Since this café is neither too noisy nor too quiet, it is the perfect study spot for me. Also, if I get confused about something while I study, I can freely ask about it and discuss it with my friends. Thus, I recommend this place for students who like to study in a free atmosphere.

▲ HJ Yu Ye-jin

Kim Yoon-a
Department of German Language and Literature 18

I personally like to study in the Humanities Building. It is very inconvenient to go somewhere else once you get into the building because it is located at the highest part of Hanyang University, and it takes some time to move elsewhere. I usually go to the study lounge in the Humanities Building, which is located on the first floor. If you are looking for a quiet place to study, I would recommend the study room, but access is limited to students who major in the Department of Humanities.

▲ HJ Yu Ye-jin

Won Jong-in
Department of Chinese Language and Literature 15

The Lee Soon-kyu Lounge on the first floor of the Paiknam Library is a really good place to study. The desks made for one person are very convenient to those who wish to study without being distracted by others. For each table, there is a lamp and an electrical outlet. Also, since it is an open space, the air is better and less stuffy than the study rooms on the other floors of the library.

▲ HJ Yu Ye-jin

Kim Chan-kyu
Department of Korean Language Education 14

I like to study on the third floor of the Paiknam Library. During exam period, I usually study in ‘Study Room 4’ because it is quiet there. Many students there study really hard as well, so it motivates me to study harder, thanks to them. When the air becomes stuffy while studying, I get distracted. Then, I go out to the terrace which is on the same floor and get some fresh air to regain concentration.

Choi Ji-su

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