Small Act of Courage Dedicates to Social Justice

기사승인 [328호] 2015.12.01  


- ▪ Jang Dong-yoon, a Winner of the Certificate of Courage ▪

“I cannot stay quiet when I see anything unjust,” said Jang Dongyoon, a Junior in the Department of Economics and Finance. On October 23, Jang caught an armed robber who had been threatening the salesclerk at a convenience store in Gwanak-gu, Seoul. Thanks to his bravery, the robber was arrested, and Jang was awarded with the Certificate of Courage.
Jang is quite an extravert, and his friends often tell him that he is nosy. He said, “I cannot pass by situations where high school students are smoking. Also, whenever I am placed in an unfair situation, I always speak up about it.” Over the years, he sometimes felt that he interfered too much with the lives of others, but one day in his first year of university, he decided to accept his natural curiosity as his strength. A couple in his neighborhood were fighting, causing a huge noise. At the end of the fight, the woman tried to commit suicide by jumping out of a window. At that moment, Jang ran and rescued the woman. He said, “My boldness saved a person. It was a turning point in my life as I became assured that it was right to follow my thoughts and instincts.”
Two years later, Jang once again served justice through his courageous actions. He dropped by a convenience store to buy a lottery ticket with his friends. There, he witnessed a robber who was threatening the salesclerk with a deadly weapon. Jang explained, “It was certainly a dangerous situation as the robber had a weapon on his hand. I used a small trick to inform the police of the robbery by pretending I was on the phone to a friend.” The robber was arrested, and Jang’s brave deed received the attention of the media.
Jang felt worried about the indifference many university students show toward injustice. “I have only done what I believe I had to, and I gained a lot of attention. It might be hard for someone to be courageous in dangerous situations, but such courage can save a person or be helpful to other people. I am proud that I not only saved a woman two years ago but also reported the scene of the robbery to the police right away.” Also, he mentioned that these brave actions are helpful in creating a better future for all. “I think young people are under too much stress because of their grades and getting a job. This makes it difficult for them to take care of other people. However, just a little concern towards others will help make the society a better place.”

Park Young-min

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