Be a Child

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As we grow up, we learn to be more independent, distancing ourselves from the assistance of our friends and family. I remember purposely mispronouncing words as a kid because I knew that once I proved my capabilities, my “big girl” era with “bigger responsibilities” would begin. We are well aware of the phrase “You’re not a baby anymore,” and acknowledge the hidden intentions without much difficulty. The older we get, the more vulnerable we become in defending ourselves from the expected maturity. We occasionally make decisions associated with the social conception, hiding our true selves within silenced rules. The truth however, is always sealed in a mystery box, ready to pop open rather unfamiliar facts. Everyone has their own pace of both physical and mental growth. The fact that the latter is viewed unforgivable compared to the former is what traps many in misery. We tend to respect people of different shapes and sizes, but mock those who deviate from the general way of thinking. Acting “older for your age” or “younger for your age” are all standards that I have always been skeptical about. Seeing friends hide their preferences because it doesn’t “match their age” has upset me several times and has made me question people’s unusual obsession of what I interpret as mere digits. Many of us have been pushed in and out of boundaries that we feel secure in, persuaded to take on bigger responsibilities to fulfill the expectations of the society. We all reminisce the innocent days as a child where we knew nothing but having fun and being true to ourselves. Contrarily, we are now trapped in the circle of maturity with countless friends and family members wishing for our success. Though we act as if we have an acute life plan with overflowing ideas all set, many still don’t have the slightest idea how they’re going to work out their lives. I haven’t told anyone this so that I appear as a self-organized and well-coordinated person, but honestly, I can’t even start to imagine how I’m going to finish all the assignments due tomorrow. So, fear not dear readers, you are not alone. The message I’m trying to portray however, is not that we should all ignore and flee from the immediate responsibilities present before us. It’s important to know one’s place, and having a sense of responsibility is one of the important lessons we learn as we grow up. Those who have failed to learn this life lesson are likely to fall in the pitfalls of moral dilemmas, unable to distinguish the rights and wrongs of processing the given information in front of them. Though controversial, I think these people weren’t given enough time for internal growth, and are in fact stuck in their child status, forced to appreciate the unfamiliar rules as an adult. Considering that everyone has their own pace of development, proposing standards for age-dependent behavior seems reckless and dangerous in a sense. Take your time and follow your established principles, experience things without being forced to rush on them. Make the most of your personally interpreted age and place less emphasis on numerical values. Learn lessons that only you at this stage can acknowledge. Like a child, know nothing but to be who you are and behave so. Being a “child” or “kid” was never coined as a negative connotation. The concept is complex yet comprised of fondness. So, I suggest placing ourselves back to the infant state, thinking solely about personal preferences based on nothing more than personal experience and instinct. Stop faking yourself and don’t be afraid to expose your true virtues though they may not meet the commonly perceived standards of the society. Without a doubt, children lack skills in certain fields. However, it is this innocence that creates the pool of capacity and possibility.

Lee Hyein

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