Zero Waste a Step Towards a Sustainable Environment

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As the importance of environmental protection has been emphasized around the world, the zero waste movement has become one of the buzz phrases in our lives. Furthermore, the widespread of Social Networking Service(SNS) sticks the spurs in the trend nowadays. For example, if you search #zerowaste on Instagram, it throws up around 9 million related posts. Zero waste is a whole systematic approach to resource management focused on reducing, reusing, and recycling. In the process, material will be reused until the optimum level of consumption. On a practical level, we can try zero waste in our daily lives by reducing the use of disposables, upcycling, or simply picking up litter while jogging.


Yongginae Challenge

Retro Café 33

Location: 16-8, Heungdeok 2-ro 65beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

Be brave and turn in your containers! The Yongginae Challenge is a movement to package ingredients or food in a container with the purpose of reducing unnecessary waste generated by food packaging. It is an expression using the Korean homonym “yonggi,” which means to go to a restaurant and take courage(勇氣) to pack food in a container(容器). This trend has gone viral since April 2020, when the Greenpeace Seoul office conducted it with actor and environmental activist Ryu Jun-yeol, and is drawing attention as one of the ways to practice zero waste in everyday life. The challenge is to post various examples of food and ingredients in cloth bags or reusable containers, not plastic or disposables, on SNS with related hashtags. Besides, there are stores that offer discounts on food prices if you bring a container. Simply try visiting restaurant Retro Café 33 to go green. You can not only save the earth, but also save your money.



Upcycling Ball Cap

Website:  Price: 35,000 won

Upcycle for the future! Upcycling is a term coined by German designer Reiner Pilz in 1994, which combines the words “Upgrade” and “Recycling.” It is a higher concept of recycling, which refers to the process of adding new value (upgrade) to a product that has been discarded or deemed useless in daily life and producing it again as a completely different product. Because upcycling is to turn unnecessary items into products of new value without a separate process, the amount of waste to be landfilled and incinerated is reduced. The waste of resources used for reprocessing is also prevented, making it more eco-friendly. You can take part in upcycling by purchasing upcycled goods. The upcycling ball cap, which can be purchased at Playpla, is made of 100% recycled poly fabric, and the brim of the cap is made of recycled plastic waste and the lids of Samdasoo PET bottles. It is water resistant and has moisture-permeable functions; it is also very comfortable to wear.



Plogging Kit (Includes Ball Cap)

Website: Price: 43,000 won

For both the environment and your health! Plogging is a pla compound word of the Swedish word plocka upp, which means “picking up ears,” and the English word jogging. It refers to the action of picking up trash while jogging, and was first started in Sweden in 2016. Plogging involves bending down to pick up litter, and thus, it is like doing squats. It consumes more calories than simple jogging since you run with a bag full of trash which weighs quite a few pounds. Furthermore, it goes without saying the environmental protection. Plogging has caught on in Korea as well with companies and cities running the Plogging Challenge. When applicants receive a plogging kit, they can participate freely in the campaign and post selfies on social media. You can voluntarily try plogging with Playpla’s eco-friendly plogging kit. The package contains gloves, trash tongs, biodegradable bags, upcycling ball caps, uncoated stickers, and tieback bags. Picking up trash while taking a walk with your dog is just the start of plogging, so why not give it a try?

Kim Ha-jin

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