Toyshop of Wonders: Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

기사승인 [352호] 2021.12.06  


Price: 12,000 won for adults and 9,000 won for teenagers and children (Age under 19) Opening Hours: 10:30-21:00 from Monday to Sunday / Closed on the first Monday of every month Location: Seoul Wave Art Center (149-2 Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul)

When people look back on their childhood, they would probably recall themselves playing with toys, having no worries and being full of joy. For those who miss their innocent and carefree old times, there is an exhibition that can take you back to your childhood. Toyshop of Wonders: Grand Story of Small Things, is an exhibition that displays various European vintage toys. There are about 500 toys from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s that are collected from many different parts of Europe, including Germany and France. You can encounter some of the social, cultural, and historical stories of Europe that are hidden behind the toys, which make the exhibition more meaningful and fun. Also, the toys are organized in a special way that the visitors can have a vivid and lively experience. For instance, one section looks like it is in the middle of the city, and another looks like it is in an antique mansion. Furthermore, the exhibition takes place in a museum that is located right above the Han River, so you would not only be able to enjoy the view, but also feel like you are on a trip, getting away from the busy city. Why don’t you have a relaxing day for yourself, reminiscing the good old days at Toyshop of Wonders?

Woo Minyoung

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