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기사승인 [352호] 2021.12.06  


Freshman, School of International Studies

Jeong Hamin

I am interested in clothes, accessories, bags, and the fashion industry in general. Therefore, I thought that the common obsession and drastic consumption of luxury goods were natural. However, as I read this edition’s , I realized it was an extravagance, a common problem of the MZ Generation, including myself. I hope that the MZ generation will focus on making ourselves a luxury instead of merely owning it in the close future


Freshman, Department of English Education

Choi Min-seo Freshman,

Among the intriguing columns, the photographs from the column, the Yosigo exhibition, especially caught my eye. The specific explanations about the techniques used in the pictures of the collections provided me a great preview along with the various images, attracting me to visit this exhibition. In fact, I actually went to see the collections myself after reading this column, and I felt like I was in the middle of my summer vacation on the beach.


Department of Educational Technology

Ryu Ji-an

My friend writes for The Hanyang Journal. So, I often get forced to read a copy from time to time. The column was my favorite, as it offered a surprising story of elementary school students learning about tax and money management. Embodied in the field of education myself, it was interesting to see how modern classrooms look like and gave me insight on what kind of teacher I wish to become in the future.


Freshman, Department of Clothing and Textiles

Kim Jungbin

As a university student frequently using Everytime, the column especially caught my eye. I think that the once “community” might have grown into something bigger, perhaps a full platform. Regardless of what it is defined to be, I hope it will remain a place of information and equality for all.


Freshman, School of Business

Seo Minjae

I am personally sensitive to heat so I struggled a lot this summer. After I read the column, I was able to learn what caused such hot weather this summer and the seriousness of climate change. It was a good opportunity for me to pay attention to our environment.

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