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기사승인 [352호] 2021.12.06  


Min Yoon-hee

Division of Tourism 20

The concept of my style today is all-black, to celebrate the upcoming Halloween. I just finished taking my first offline class this semester at the College of Social Science, and it’s really good to be back at school. Actually, I am so excited at the moment because now that classes are over, I am planning to go to Lotte World with my friend. She dyed her hair bright blue and green recently, which I think is very unique; we’re hoping to stand out in the crowd. I am looking forward to the attractions there, and also to the Halloween festival. To match the mood, everything I am wearing today is black, including the dress, coat, and the boots. As for the accessories, I have pearl-shaped earrings, which match the pearl-shaped strap on my bag. Thanks to the outfit, I think I will be able to have fun today! 


Park Minki

Department of English Language and Literature 20

I think the key points of my style today are my purple muffler and layered clothes. I also have a padded coat on to stay extra cozy. Another key point is my boots-cut slacks, which have been in vogue lately with the rise of “newtro” fashion. For the offline class, I have to go up the stairs to the Humanities building. As many might know, it is infamous for its high and steep stairs, so I took care to wear warm clothes to be prepared for the cold in the height. It’s important to wear comfortably to climb up. If it gets cold during class, mufflers are also useful to use as a blanket! For me, it is important to consider the weather when styling, and as it is getting very cold, I often wear warm clothes.


Song Ga-young

Department of Interior Architecture Design 19

I’m wearing a simple style today. I didn’t want to be cold, so I put on layers of fleece-lined clothes. They are very comfortable and keep me warm. Fortunately, the weather isn’t very cold today, so I am relieved! To be honest, I wore the first things that I could find by looking through my wardrobe. I think today was one of those days when you don’t want to care too much about what to wear. It has been a long time since I visited school, because I am taking a semester off. I was really glad to hear that offline classes have begun, and decided to walk around the campus for a while. It is such a shame that students have not been able to see their friends in person for such a long time. I also missed campus a lot, and it feels nice to be back. 


Ann Sang-ouk

Department of English Language and Literature 20

My style today is just a “campus look”. I wore sneakers with thick heels, and also functional slacks. They are very comfortable and warm. The fur around the collar of my denim jacket, although it isn’t that thermal, is very trendy. I am also wearing a knitted sweater, which has great flexibility. When coming out of the house today, it was hard to decide whether I should wear a hat or not. After putting it on, I decided to wear it as it suited my outfit. When choosing what to wear, I consider how comfortable the clothes are, and so I usually wear hoodies and sweatshirts. Only on special occasions do I wear uncomfortable clothes. I guess I am excited for the offline classes today!

Lee Oneul

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