Listen to These Majors: How Do They Affect Your Daily Life?

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Shin Ga-won

Department of Tourism 19

I have been majoring in Tourism for three years, and it has affected my life in a few ways. First of all, wherever I go, I try to find a landmark in the region. Since an impressive landmark can be a great source for designing attractive tourism content, I always keep an eye on major buildings, statues, restaurants, and etc. Secondly, traveling has become one of my biggest interests. Before studying tourism, I didn’t understand why so many people loved to travel and I was afraid of getting lost in unfamiliar places. However, after studying the basic courses of my major, I now understand why people love to visit new places, and why traveling is important for personal development. Lastly, although I like staying at home very much, I started to visit many different places for both academic and leisurely puposes. 


Park Se-eun

Department of Computer Science 19

I’ve been learning coding since I was a freshman. Seeing the results of what I’ve coded throughout the years have affected my approach to games and systems that I’m interested in. For example, I’ve liked the game “Minecraft” since I was in elementary school, and I have enjoyed watching videos of it ever since. When I watch the crops grow in the game, I now imagine what kind of algorithm is used. I think to myself, “They must have used a loop, which is a block of code that repeats over and over again.” Thus, I come up with many questions on what specific code is used to create a game at one point. I find myself really digging into the fundamental parts and mechanism rather than simply enjoying the game. 


Kim Yeong-jae

College of Economics and Finance 16

Learning economics and finance makes me think twice in my daily life as it is a field that’s deeply embedded in our lives. When I use bank services, I wonder, “Wouldn’t investing in stocks or funds make a bigger profit?” But in the end, I end up choosing the safest banking products, thinking about the money that I’ve lost in stocks. Sometimes, when I hear economic terms like LTV, which is a term used to compare the size of your mortgage loan to the value of the home, I think about the term’s definition because these are words that I’ve learned in my courses. I think of which course it was and what the term was used for. Then I get sad because I can’t remember the specific details but still, it’s very interesting to see what I’ve learned being actively used in real life. Although some people say that their majors don’t help them in life, I think mine does.


Lee Sung-jun

Department of Automotive Engineering 16

I’m majoring in Automotive Engineering, and what I learn is mostly basic knowledge one must know to get a car moving. As I study, I understand how each system or part is applied to actual vehicles. For example, understanding the overall context of how a vehicle is powered by a battery helps you understand and take a guess on what kind of motor was used and what its output might be, especially for electric vehicles that are a trend nowadays. Taking a look at the technologies used in autonomous vehicles, it makes me question how they were made and what kind of sensors were used. Videos on YouTube help answer such questions. Thus, I’m always updated on newly released promotion videos and review videos on cars. 

Son Hyeonyu

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