After Reading the 350th Issue

기사승인 [351호] 2021.09.06  


After Reading the 350th Issue

Junior, School of Tourism Kwak Eun-tae

Since COVID-19, our lives have changed completely due to the contactless society. It’s true that there has been a tendency to do things more quickly online, and because of that more mistakes are made. I think becoming a victim to messenger phishing through KakaoTalk without suspicion is one of them. It is vital to check thoroughly when someone sends messages asking for money. We should all remind ourselves to be more cautious through the column.


Junior, Division of International Studies Park Jong-seok

The column caught my eye because it explained “Miracle Morning”, which I have been interested in throughout summer break. I have started to enjoy going on short and long runs, which have now become my new habit. Running refreshes my mind, so after a long run, I feel very productive and healthy. 


Junior, Department of Sociology Min Yeo-jin

I used to be a reporter of The Hanyang Journal, so I always had positive feelings about The Hanyang Journal. For this edition, I really liked the column. It effectively explained the A to Z of school violence from its definition to current status of school violence in Korea, causes and problems, and ways to end it. I hope school violence comes to an end in the near future.


Junior, Department of Chinese Language and Literature Lee Ji-won

It has been a year and a half of online class due to COVID-19. Since the column covered students’ educational right through online learning services, I found this article helpful and interesting for HYU students including myself. I learned about the HYU Learning Management System. Now I’m gradually adjusting to LearningX, and I look forward to taking quality online lectures. 


Sophomore, Division of International Studies Shin Jung-in

I try to stay actively engaged in different societal issues regarding crimes like the ones dealt in especially if it takes place in Korea. It isn’t exactly uplifting to read about the frail policies in the status quo but the professors’ points on how to enhance police intervention was helpful and insightful. I believe it is one of the most essential issues a university newspaper should address.

readers of the 350th issue

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