The Wailing Actress Kim Hwan-hee, Now a Freshman at Hanyang University

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Actress Kim H w a n - h e e , f a m o u s f o r acting Hyojin in the film The Wailing, h a s b e c o m e a Freshman at Hanyang University Department of Theatre and Film this year. To celebrate her entrance and learn more about her life as an actress, the Hanyang Journal held an interview.

Q. Did you have any expectations as a freshman?

A. As a freshman, I was expecting to learn about the theory of diverse pieces of films and theatre and also the basics of acting. As I have been looking forward to learning such areas, I am glad to be able to participate in the classes.

Q. What motivated you to start acting?

A. Although there was not a particular motive, I learned how to act from my mother who had talent in acting. Then, by a coincidental opportunity, I was able to attend an acting academy for a short period and then after applying for a role, I was able to attend an audition. Fortunately, my debut film director cast me so I was able to debut as an actress.

Q. What is the most impressive project from your filmography and why?

A. I think Here’s My Plan, which was filmed most recently, is the most impressive project for me. It was my first piece after turning 20 and I was able to work with good staff, making the environment itself very enjoyable. The premiere of the drama is on May 19 and I’m looking forward to it since I really enjoyed the experience.

Q. Throughout your 14 years of acting, there might have been hardships. If there were, what were they and how did you overcome them?

A. I had difficulty getting proper relaxation. There were moments when I felt that I’d wasted my spare time and nibbled myself away in fear. To let them go away, I started to make a lot of hobbies. I tried my best not to overthink and came to a stage where I purely enjoyed exercising as a hobby.

Q. Is there a role you want to challenge?

A. I enjoy trying diverse genres so I want to take roles that I haven’t tried yet such as romance or action. I also want to try acting for characters I’m truly attracted to.

Q. What kind of actress do you want to become?

A. I want to become an actress without any limits in acting and become one who gets fully absorbed into one’s role. I also want to be well-rounded, meeting versatile roles. Though it’s quite a goal, I believe that I’ll be able to reach it soon.

Q. Do you have any advice for students who aim to become an actor or actress?

A. Being an actor or actress requires you to live diverse lives. It would be mentally tiring and competing to get a better role. Don’t get exhausted and devote yourself to your dream. I am following this path as well. Let’s cheer up and move forward. Then we can all meet in the field.

Jang Yea-won

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