Making Mobility Easy: How One of Our Very Own Became the CEO of a Mobility Startup

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Coconut Silo is a mobility s t a r t u p t h a t specializes in logistics and freight cars. The founder, Kim Seung-yong, was recognized as one of the “1000 National Representatives of Innovative Companies” by the Financial Services Commission this year. He graduated from Hanyang University as an Industrial Engineering major in 2016 and has been the leader of this company that is now actively taking part in the industrial field in South Korea, and Vietnam.

Q . C a n y o u e x p l a i n w h a t y o u r company, Coconut Silo does?

A. Coconut Silo is currently operating a platform called, “Coco Truck”, which is a cargo transportation platform in Vietnam, and “Truck Doctor”, which is a truck maintenance reservation platform. “Coco Truck” is providing a service to small and medium-sized carriers that have difficulty managing their car owners. For “Truck Doctor”, we collaborated with “Daimler Truck Korea” to create an integrated truck management solution application.

Q. How did you first gain interest in Vietnam?

A. When I was a student, I participated in the “Hanyang University Overseas Volunteer Service”, and visited Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. There, I found the city’s industrial movement fascinating and therefore promised myself to create a business in Vietnam someday. As Vietnam accounts for almost 25% of Hyundai Motor’s commercial sales, I chose to join Hyundai’s commercial research institute. Since then, I have been in charge of product planning for exporting trucks to Vietnam, was selected as the youngest in-house startup leader of Hyundai Motor Group, and also, led an in-house startup team.

Q. What plans do you and your company have for this year?

A. We are planning to revitalize the current Vietnamese corporation and drive our company’s sales. Last year, large foreign institutions recognized and funded our business and technology, a l l o w i n g u s t o w o r k i n a g o o d environment. Based on last year’s history and the good signs early this year, we hope to create top-notch results in Vietnam and South Korea.

Q. Is there any advice that you could give to the students who are interested in startups?

A. I would highly recommend starting a business after experiencing work in an organization. Although we do encourage student startups, you must recognize that the companies you will meet in the field of negotiation consists of global, international corporations. Therefore, to understand the way these companies work, it is necessary to experience the functions of global-scale corporations.


Shin Yoo-bin

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