2021 HYU Intellectual Property Program

기사승인 [350호] 2021.06.01  


Pay attention if you are about to start your own business but have no idea how to proceed because there is a program that might help you. Hanyang University’s (HYU) Startup Support Foundation is holding an event called the “Intellectual Property Program”, which is intended to provide financial aid for intellectual property application to graduate and undergraduate students at HYU who possess advanced skills. According to Jeong Han-wool, a Manager of Startup Support Foundation, one of the main reasons for holding such a program is to protect the intellectual property rights of student startups. As student startups proceed with their business, they get to introduce their idea to various people. Along the way, there is a possibility that their idea might get stolen and taken away from them. Intellectual property application is essential to prevent such a situation from happening. Another purpose for the program is that intellectual property can be advantageous when student startups apply for government support projects and/or want to get invested. Jang Ji-ho, the CEO of Doctor Now, a company that runs a telemedicine platform, applied for his patent through support from the HYU Intellectual Property Program. With support from this program, he was able to lay the groundwork for his company, which now has a total of 150,000 users and 70,000 monthly users. Like this, HYU’s Startup Support Foundation is looking forward to discovering new talents through the program. Any graduate or undergraduate student at HYU who are interested in launching their own business are encouraged to apply to these programs. The deadline for the Intellectual Property Program was May 10, 2021. After the deadline, the applicants will go through a careful evaluation process and several will be selected. The selected students will not only receive financial aid but also have one-on-one mentoring with a patent attorney, which is the biggest differentiating factor from existing programs hosted by other organizations. Stay updated for more changes that could make your dreams come true!

Woo Min-young

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