Go Away COVID-19! The Hanyang Goblins Are Here!

기사승인 [350호] 2021.06.01  


The Graduate School Department of Korean Traditional Music of Hanyang University has hosted a traditional performance: Go Away COVID-19! The Hanyang Goblins Are Here! It was held in the Paiknam Music Hall on March 17. The purpose of the performance was to help students get relief from the fatigue of COVID-19, give them positive energy, and also pray for the wellness of 2021. P r o f e s s o r K i m B o k - m a n w h o instructed the students shared that the performance was done to promote the Traditional Performing Arts major. Since it is a new major, active promotion was in need, and the performance allowed to show the talents of the players, serving two ends. T h e p e r f o r m a n c e c o n s i s t s o f traditional music major students performing tightrope walking, Moongut and Samulpangut, Samdo Sul Janggu and Samdo Samulnori Instrumental Music. The online version has been released on April 10 on the official “HYU YouTube”. Tightrope walking is a wellknown play for acrobatics. However, Korean traditional performance is unique in that the acrobat and the clown below exchange jokes to the instrumental accompaniment. Moongut and Samulpangut is a synthetic art of Namsadangpae’s music, dance, Pungmul performance, and talent. In the first half, diverse Jinbeop plays are shown and in the latter part, individual plays such as Saenori-Sul Janggunori and Sogonori are progressed. Yoon Yeo-joo, a Student from the Graduate School Department of Korean Traditional Music, who played Taepyeongso and Janggu shared her opinion of the performance. She said, “Due to COVID-19, there were hardships in finding training rooms and assembling to practice. Also, it was sad that we could not communicate with the audience. However, I think it was fortunate to have an opportunity to perform online. I hope that there will be an enhancement in the performances that suits the environment of online performances.”

Jang Yea-won

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