Stepping Out

기사승인 [350호] 2021.06.01  


I n the course of the last two years, the world has changed more than dramatically. Two summers ago, I remember traveling to different cities around the world, going to the beach, and coming back home only days before the start of the semester. Sadly, that summer only lives in my memory like a long lost dream. As of now, people can no longer travel to different countries without a COVID-19 testing and a two-week self-quarantine. The world has become so restrictive to the point where even “stepping out” of the house can possibly cause a health risk.

Preparing for my last edition at the Hanyang Journal made me think back to the time when I first joined. Back then, we used to conduct most interviews face-to-face and hold regular offline meetings with all the members attending. For sure, there have been some major changes to the way the Hanyang Journal operates as well. Although there were some challenges at first, it is amazing that we are still able to publish the paper without any difficulty.

In times of trouble, the world has found a way to step out and reach out to each other without physical contact. On the positive side, schools have continued education on online platforms, people have found their own daily routines, and bookstores have seen more customers than ever as people spend more time indoors. On the downside, problems such as messenger phishing, stalking, and school violence continue to thrive online. While some have found positive ways to adjust to the evolving society, others have found ways to manipulate this change. If there is one way to solve this issue, it would be by “stepping out” and helping each other.

Yoon Hee-jae

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