An Online Exhibition Full of Warmth: “I Will Greet the Sun Again”

기사승인 [349호] 2021.03.02  


Hanyang University (HYU) is holding an exhibit funded by the Seoul Foundation of the Fine Arts conducted for disabled teenagers. This exhibit features 56 representative artworks created by the teenagers of “Jump Ahead”, the supporting program provided by the Seoul Foundation. The show is an extension of a previous collaboration display Seoul Foundation and HYU had planned in 2019, commonly referred to as “I Will Greet the Sun Again”. The two exhibits all embrace an identical significance in its foundations of fostering the fine art education of disabled children but have a vital difference in its methods of conveying the artworks to the audience. Unlike the previous display, “I Will Greet the Sun Again 2020” will be held online in an MMORPG (an extensive online roleplaying game) space, nullifying boundaries the current pandemic creates. The online platform ‘Meum’ provides a better environment to appreciate the colorful pieces being presented on a screen so distant from the exhibition but at the same time close to the hearts of the artists. The audience will be able to roam around the many rooms by an avatar, discussing about the artworks with other visitors via a chat system. An avatar will be like an ordinary game character in every way, and thus every action the avatar takes will be part of fulfilling a “quest” of enjoying the artworks as well as recognizing the hard work of the artists.The display presents the masterpieces of underdeveloped teenagers on an innovative technology. Hop on the link and go take a look! 

Lee Hyein

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