Extracurricular Activities: Meaningful Ways to Spend Your Campus Life

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HAPPYMOVE Global Youth Volunteers

HAPPYMOVE Global Youth Volunteers (HGYV), operated by Hyundai Motor Group (HMG), is a global volunteering and cultural exchange program for Korean university students. Participants can offer help to undeveloped regions around the world by serving cultural, environmental, or educational support for about ten days. Additionally, HMG also manages HAPPYMOVE Village as a part of HGYV, where volunteers can aid specific villages in China, India, and Uzbekistan continuously through the repair of community facilities and provision of educational services through cultural performances, etc. Lee Seung-hoon, a student who joined this activity in 2018, highly recommended it by saying, “It was an unforgettable experience I couldn’t easily have anywhere else, especially the development of Appropriate Technology and the education volunteering.” HGYV recruits its members twice a year from April to May and again from October to November. Unfortunately, the first recruitment round was canceled due to COVID-19 this year.

Samsung Dream Class

Samsung Dream Class (SDC), an off-campus activity for university students, is an educational mentoring service for middle school students who are willing to study but cannot afford private education. It consists of two programs: a weekday or a weekend class and an educational camp during summer or winter vacations. In the first program, each participant teaches English or Math lessons for ten students after school. Through the second program, it is possible to teach students or to operate the vacation camp for middle school students living in the suburbs. University students who are interested in volunteering can not only join this extracurricular activity with joy but can also receive scholarships. SDC recruits its members through two steps, which are self-introduction letters and interviews with lecture demonstrations. Yang Su-yeon, a former member of SDC, shared her tip: practice the lecture demonstration repetitively as it is important to pass the interview.

Hanyang Global Lions

Under the Hanyang University (HYU) Office of International Affairs, there is an organization called Hanyang Global Lions (HGL). It plans, manages, and promotes a variety of activities where Korean and foreign exchange students can interact. HGL consists of three teams: planning, media, and operation support. Members of the organization engage activities such as introducing K-culture to foreign students, designing, event planning, and translating. Kim Young-woo, a student who previously joined this program for a year, said, “It was impressive to be able to interact directly with exchange students. We enjoyed parties together and visited other cities such as Gyeongju and Gangwon Province for field trips. It created valuable memories in our college life.” For HYU students who would like to raise their global skills, HGL is the opportunity.


Asia Pacific Youth Exchange

Social Innovation Center’s Asia Pacific Youth Exchange (APYE) is an international event that HYU jointly hosts with the Asian Development Bank, the United Nations Development Program, and the Urban Youth Academy. APYE provides opportunities for youths in the Asian Pacific to participate and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Agenda. This program is conducted in three phases: leadership training, site survey, and a symposium. Participants can deeply explore SDGs by experiencing social problems in a region, where they communicate with officials and discuss solutions. Cho Su-yeon, who participated in APYE, cited its strengths as being able to work with a lot of people from various nationalities and to improve students’ capabilities by repeatedly using the “Design Thinking process”. If you are interested in SDGs or international cooperation, why not apply for this program?




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